Unpaid leave

I worked for a smaller consultancy firm and like with many others, business statred stagnating towards end of 2008. We have all been told there will be no performance bonuses, no promotions and possibly some layoffs. We were all to have a personal discussions with the director to discuss our future. I have been assured I am a valuable asset to the company and am for sure on the “to be kept” list. About a month later however, the local business was getting worse so with a good will I suggested a temporary transfer to another country, performing rather well at the time which was welcome with much enthusiasm. Couple of days later I was asked to take a forced unpaid leave for several months after the expiration date of my temporary contract I would be informed whether it could be renewed or termination will be confirmed.

Of course I knew I would never be asked to some back and the company would rid themselves of paying a cent more from that day onwards.

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