Fired By TEXT!


Talk about a slap in the face. I was hired to program and distribute a couple of new TV stations as well as start a modeling agency and produce a new reality TV show. I did a bang up wonderful job with articles appearing in the Hollywood Reporter and Wall Street Journal. Named president of the company which is probably the shortest presidency on record. Fulfilled all the needs of my client way beyond his expectations. Paid my own expenses for 2 months WITHOUT reimbursement and did not get paid for my last 2 months of work. Thought everything was fine but out of the blue I get a text message, not a call, not a letter and not even a face to face even though “my boss” was in my town. I get a text stating “your services are no longer needed”. Now I am out several thousand in expenses and 2 months of NO pay. It’s a ruthless world out there…..but life goes on and it was another learning experience.

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