How I got “Chopped”

Working for a well-known semi-conductor maker in 1980…We were told on Thursday afternoon that after Friday the company was going on a 2-week shutdown over the Christmas/new Year Holiday period instead of the usual 1-week time. If you had vacation, use it. If you needed it, you could borrow a week from next year. If you were an employee with less than 1 year of employment (Like ME!, who came in on Jan 16) you got an unpaid week off. After the “Holiday Break”, ALL hourly would be on 32-hour work weeks..complete with loss of insurance and vacation accrual, WITHOUT NOTICE to employees. I found out I had no insurance when I took an injured child to the E.R. It gets better….

In February, groups of emplyees were called into the cafeteria, “Security” locked the doors behind these folks, took the ID badges off people, and shoved them outside the building via the emergency exits, and told them “When we get to it, we will clean out your cubes and mail your personal stuff to you”

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