My Bonus was the door

I was hired at a mid size business as an IT Applications Manager. When I was hired, I was told that in six months based on my performance, I would be given a $10,000 bonus. Well, I certainly worked hard & received every indication that I was on-track for the bonus. (Good reviews from my boss, his boss, other departments even the CEO). Well, at my six month anniversary I asked my boss if we could discuss my progress with the company. He scheduled a meeting 2 days later. When I came in that morning I was met at the front door, told I was no longer needed, escorted to my desk to collect my things & escorted out of the building. Some bonus. Later I found out that all members of the department except for the boss & 2 others were let go in similiar fashion. (Apprx 8 people)

But I started my own business & am coming up on my 4th year anniversary.

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