Blindsided after 16 months

I worked at a PEO for 16 months. Starting in the unemployment department, then going to the pre-employment background & data entry side of the HR. I was falsely terminated for ‘altering an internal document’. HUH?
First of all, the document that I was accused of falsifying was a print out of a web page from the local county public records for a person that I don’t even know. How can I falsify a paper that is printed from the website and WHY would I do that? I have nothing to gain from that. I don’t know this person. One thing to note on this employee, he/she had a clean background. Go Figure. My boss sent me home after accusing me of sending an email pertaining to it, even though her friend admitted to sending the email-not me, and then 24 hours later, she had another meeting with me and told me I was terminated for altering the document. Totally devastated me and blindsided me. I am still in shock.
Now, IF and WHEN I am lucky enough to be offered a job, won’t that look just wonderful on my reason for leaving last employer???? I have never met such people that can lie and cause hardship without so much of a care than what I did there. Now they are fighting my unemployment. Isn’t it bad enough that they did to me what they did, do they now have to make my life a living H&*%? My boss knows that if I don’t get my unemployment until another position comes available with benefits, that we will lose our insurance. Oh well, she doesn’t care, she has hers. I guess friendship overpowers loyalty. I just don’t understand how people can live their life with NO morals.

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  • GeekGirl Says:

    Talk to a lawyer – now, not later, now.

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