I was laid off while at the hospital with my mother dying

I was first asked to take a week off the week of christmas without pay. I did. I was the oldest worker (50 years)at a large tile and stone design company. I have over 30 years experience in this industry. I have more experience than all the other sales people combined and I exceeded all my sales quotas even in hard economic times when other sales people didn’t.
I was laid off in January, while at my mothers bedside as she lay dying from cancer. I took 1 day off to be with her. It was Monday and I got called by my boss and asked to take a couple of weeks off without pay again. I told him I couldn’t afford to and he then laid me off. I’m not sure why I was laid off when others were less experienced, and kept on. I believe it was my age and my employer believed that I was in a better position (husband being retired) to be laid off. What a horrible time for him to call me and fire me. Two weeks later the business closed and filed for bankruptcy. I never received my last check, my insurance premiums were never paid and had I not gone back to visit my employer I would not have been able to get my personal belongings which included a slab saw to make countertops I loaned the business.

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