My Company Didn’t Even Inform Me…

After 2 years with the same company, i was in a car accident. While recovering and updating my boss with my medical status, i had no idea that they had laid me off.

I found out slowly that my job had been terminated. First clue: by stopping into another branch and finding that my position had been filled. Second clue: That same day, i received a letter from my medical insurance telling me I was off the company’s policy. Third clue: all my former co-workers stopped calling me. 4th clue: Whenever i called to speak with my manager, there was always some short of excuse as to why he wasn’t there

The clencher: when i called to say I was ready to come back to work, he said there was no positions for me and that i should have kept in better contact with them. Like twice a week wasn’t enough.

The best part: i was officially terminated a month before, right after my accident. So I lost a month’s pay from unemployment and from my job

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