It all made sense!!

I worked for 3 years as a medical insurance claims examiner before my bosses made my job portable so I could move to another state. I worked for almost 2 years remotely, even taking the laptop my office provided to sit in the lobby of a local hotel to borrow their WiFi when our power was out for days after an ice storm.

My layoff came out of nowhere. My boss told me she hoped it was only temporary as my work was exemplary. I stupidly imagined that my job was safe because my work allowed my boss to take as much time off as she seemed to need… she was usually in the office and available to me approximately 2 days out of 5. They promised me glowing letters of recommendation.

The letters didn’t come but the emails demanding that the equipment be sent back did. I asked about severance… sorry, none available. Medical benefits were cut at the end of the month (in 8 days). I finally told them I’d send back the equipment when they sent me the letters they promised. My boss jetted me off an email recommendation letter that took her 3 minutes to write… with grammer and spelling errors.

I couldn’t figure out why they let me go, because I had so much experience and seniority, and why they shuffled my medical claims off to the former secretary and to the girl who wrote the checks! I found out later that the former secretary’s boarder was supplying my boss with monthy packets of his leftover pain medication for $200/month.

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