9 years of betrayal

I worked for a paper company almost 9 years in Southern California. The Company pride itself in its employees and integrity. I moved to Las Vegas in Mid 06 to Manage one of their locations as it has been a revolving door the last 14 years it had been in Vegas. Within one year we shatter our sales record to almost $9 million dollars in sales. The company wanted me to stay Las Vegas for about 4 years when things in the location were settled. My family and I left everything we had for a better future with no relatives in Las Vegas. We were laid off with no noticed on my Birthday along with 15% off the workforce. My severence pay was a joke, it would not even cover my relocation cost to go back home. In almost nine years of service I called in sick about 3 times and no write up of any kind. I understand times are very difficult and the needs for cutting cost is necessary, but because I had put my trust in the people I admired I go the short end of the stick. My ex boss was not even man enough to deliver the news in person. It is not the action that has devasted me, but how it was done.

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