Happy Halloween!

On October 31, 2008 I was laid off from the title company I worked for more than six years.

I guess I saw it coming about three months prior when my boss was on vacation.
The company VPs came into our office unannounced (as they did to all the other offices that day) to tell us that due to the company losses they had to cut all of the employees pay 10% across the board and it was to begin immediately.

I, as the others were shocked, worried and upset.

Not only was this a huge set back, but all of us questioned if we were being told the truth.

You see, the main office was recently moved to a brand new building located in Tempe with all brand new furnishings (we are talking bucks). The VP told us the new building and the furnishings didn’t cost the company a dime and had nothing to do with the cut backs. Right! In a pig’s eye! That new building had absolutely everything to do with the cutbacks!

Most of us believe this is why our pay was cut.

As well as the pay cuts, all temporary employees were let go and for us, no more overtime or bonuses. 10% is huge when you have been accustomed to living on the 10% more.

Within the next three months, at least 70% of the permanent employees were being laid off unannounced at a rapid rate without warning. Most who were laid off were the employees making a higher salary and also they were in an age bracket that seemed to stand out (between their late 30’s on up).

In my office, our once fun loving boss became quiet, easily aggitated and down right mean. Now he was making up excuses to let people go on a daily basis. We all had to wach our P’s & Q’s and the office became a morgue.

Please note; this company was the best of its kind to work for up until our pay had been cut.

Not only did we recieve monthly bonuses, but the corporate office would take us and our spouses (or friends, etc.) to a diffierent destination every Martin Luther King weekend which included the airfare, hotel and some of the meals. They did this every year. Also, they would give each employee bonuses on a monthly basis if the office met its revenue.

From the hilt to the gutter!

Anyway, back to my layoff.

So as more and more of the employees that had worked there for 10, 15, 20 years were being laid off, my day was coming soon and on Oct. 31, 2008 my boss called me in his office.

He told me he couldn’t sleep all night knowing he had to lay me off. After all was said and done I asked him for a letter of recommendation and he said since he was busy he would email it to me later. Having no past reasons to not trust his word, I believed him and agreed. On my way out he said to me “Happy Halloween”.

It did not sit well. It didn’t feel well. I knew something wasn’t right.

As it turns out, I never did get that letter from him and I really don’t know why. When I spoke to others that were laid off, they had the same things to say. None of us know why we were treated so badly. We didn’t do anything wrong!

I was a loyal, hard working employee who always showed up (early) for work.
I am 50 year’s old without a college degree (escrow doesn’t have a degree program) and still haven’t located another job.

My life (our life: my husband and I) has been drastically affected and sometimes it is hard for me to get up in the morning because I am so depressed. I didn’t deserve this!
Currently I am taking an online course that I hope will help me land a job.
I hope the same for all of you out there facing the same tragedy.

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