“We will not lay anyone off”

I was working for a defense sub-contractor in a manufacturing plant. Things were getting a little slow, and the normal 50+ hour workweek had been cut to 40 hours.

One day at the begining of the work shift, the president of the company held a meeting in the luchroom explaining that things were slow, but, he emphasized, that no one would be layed off. He would have his machinists sweeping the parking lot before anyone got layed off.

I was working second shift, and went about my duties. About 11:30PM the foreman came to me and told me to shut my machine down and pack up my tools, as I was being layed off.

He said the good thing was I was getting a 1/2 hour of pay without having to work for it.

I have never trusted another company or company representative in the following 20+ years.

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