“Can we meet for lunch?”

My wife and I had a premature son, obviously unexpectedly, but he was born with a birth defect as well. My wife almost died because of complications from pre-eclampsia and I still managed to come into the office every single day, even if it was just from 8PM to midnight to finish my work and more. (Did I mention I have 2 other children as well that I was caring for at this time while my son and wife were in the hospital?) Despite all the surgeries and hospitalization my little son and wife endured I never took a single vacation in the 3 years I worked for that company and during all that time can count on 1 hand how many sick days I took despite everything my son and wife had to go through.

Now to the laying off. My 1 year old son had to undergo his last major surgery and hospitalization, it was a big one, so I took one week off to help and be there for my wife. I was still connected to my office through the internet and phone though.

The day after my son’s surgery I got a call asking for some information to be forwarded at work so happily went on my phone to email them that information and found my email access mysteriously gone. First clue. I called IT and they claimed it was just a glitch. They gave me my email access back. The next day I get a call from my boss asking if we can get together for lunch saying he just “wanted to see how my son is doing.” Second clue. I get wind from a friend at my company that they wanted the lunch so they could LAY ME OFF. I’m on vacation time to care for my infant son recovering from a major surgery, they call me to set up a lunch date to “see how my son is doing” while all the while they are actually going to be laying me off?! How low and depraved can you possibly get? I politely told them that I just didn’t have time for lunch as my son was still in the hospital recovering and I couldn’t slip away to meet them. For the rest of that week I didn’t answer a single phone call or email from them.

Came back to work on Monday and sure enough was called into the office and was laid off. Was also told by this same friend that they weren’t happy they had to “wait” to lay me off since all the other lay-off’s occurred the week before.

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