I was the Account Manager and, according to my superiors, doing a better job than anyone they had before. The company decided to hire a new Branch Manager. He made snide remarks about my age but virtually ignored me, which was fine with me. He raged without any direction or purpose and no one was sure what was wrong with him. I am not old, by the way, 42 and referred to frequently as a “bobcat”. I guess I have not reached “cougar” yet. This manager was only with us about a month when my sister died suddenly. I requested bereavement leave for three days.

Upon returning home, I was notified that my father has just died, four days after my sister. I called this wonderful new manager. He stated that I could not attend my father’s funeral because I only get one bereavement per year. I am such a slacker? I called HR to ask the policy and was told that bereavement is per incident and that I could attend.

Upon returning from the funeral, this new genius advised me that I was suspended. How dare I go over his head? He accused me of changing an account in the computer to credit me $6.50. There are five people who enter info into the computer and I am not one of them nor would I begin to know how. Not my job…While I was suspended, new bossy boss offered my job to the 21 yr old new guy, who has no training AND no college degree. When I called HR, they basically told me to sue the company. Regardless, I enjoyed that job.

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