Kick ‘Em When They’re Down

I’d been at the same small company for almost 10 years. We recently hired several new employees who haven’t been terribly productive but have lower salaries than the more seasoned workers. This past year, profits have been down considerably. Early this year, the boss told me to finish up all my current projects and not start any new ones, which I took as a hint that he would be laying me off soon. The stress of worrying about losing my job sent me into a tailspin. I became so depressed I needed to be hospitalized for a week. My first day back at work, he began pushing me to complete my biggest project right away. As soon as I turned in the project, he gave me a 2-week layoff notice. So now I’m trying to keep from slipping back into depression after losing my health insurance on top of my job. Oh, and one of the younger and cheaper new employees will be taking over my other projects.

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