Non-profit Nightmare (Attempted Suicide, An Alcoholic, Extortion-this one has it all!)

I worked at the Child Advocacy Center in Forsyth Cty, GA for several years as the P.R. Director.

Although the Director was a stumbling alcoholic, who would come to work smashed sometimes and although it was a very small center with only 5 employees and lots of ’politics’, I more or less enjoyed working there even though it was only a part time job.

I had been going through a lot of difficulties with my husband for years and had shared quite a bit of the situation with the three counselors there who interviewed the children. They were concerned enough to take me one day in October of 2007 out to lunch with a Sheriff’s Dept. officer who worked with battered women.

I told the officer about my situation and she profiled my husband as a “cobra” abuser – the type that uses control and mind games mostly to hurt the women in their lives (rarely physical force) but who are the most likely to snap and kill their significant other in rage.

The VERY NEXT DAY, my husband came to the office, where I was alone – no other staff were in the building – and chased me all over the place, threatening me.

When he left, all I could remember was what the officer the previous day had said to me and stood there thinking, “he\s going to kill me one day and I’m going to suffer.” I didn’t want to be strangled or beaten to death and in that moment I saw a box cutter lying on some boxes. In that moment I had finally been pushed to a nervous breakdown. I cut my wrists deeply.

The next week, after being released from the hospital, and having moved in with my best friend, (AND having a restraining order placed on the husband) I walked into work – happy to be able to get my mind off of everything that had happened.

The alcoholic Director, (who had been arrested for driving drunk with her children in the car just a couple years prior), then fired me stating I needed to relax and take care of myself! I told her that I needed to work to take care of myself and she blew me off.

A year prior to her letting me go, the head therapist there had gone into some of the children’s files and had learned that the Director had been arrested for assaulting her husband in front of her kids once! She was also funelling money from the Child Advocacy center to another non-profit she was founding (a children’s home) so she could get two paychecks.

(BTW – I survived just fine, am divorced and fully healthy, inside and out!)

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Non-profit Nightmare (Attempted Suicide, An Alcoholic, Extortion-this one has it all!), 4.9 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

This post was submitted by Shelby.

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  • Dave Says:

    Shelby, I’m so happy that you’re now doing well. Sadly, I think it’s not a coincidence that you were laid off after a psychiatric hospitalization-it happens a lot.

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  • Marisa Says:

    Wow, Totally crazy.

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