Had a dream, but got laid off

My dad actually referred me to his company in April ’08. I considered myself blessed to have come across such a great opportunity. I got the job and was with the company for almost 1 yr. In February of this year, my husband and I agreed to find another vehicle for our family. So using the last of our taxes, I was able to aquire a loan and get my vehicle. I was so excited. I told everyone at work the Friday before that I was getting my new truck this weekend. During that same weekend, I started experiencing some health difficulties. That whole next week I had to take off from work for medical leave to have some surgery. I was hospitalized for over 24 hrs. Then came recoup time.

The following Monday I was able to go back to work.(I drove my new truck to work to show off) I finished the workweek out and on that Friday, right after my lunch break, my boss asked me to come see him. So I got up and as I walked to his office, a knot started to grow. I knew what was going to happen. The whole company was having to deal with layoffs, cut backs, etc. As I sat down, he point blank told me he didnt know how to say what he had to say. He didnt want to do it. I was being let go. I felt a rush of overwhelming tenseness come over mem but choked it back long enough to hear what he had to say. Filling my already turmoiled head with some blubishness about after things heat back up, maybe they can hire me back, and that It may even be for less pay. You know, now that I think about it, I would even take it. Where did my shiny used vehicle go? Well, lets just say Im not driving it any more. Finance company wasn\’t willing to work with me. My family lost our apartment and a vehicle. Not to mention the doctor bill unpaid as I could not afford the deductible. 2009 is starting to really suck. Hopefully it gets better for all of us. 🙂

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    Amy I think your comment about pelope not being committed to being awesome at anything is spot on.As a supervisor who works a lot with new employees I’m always shocked and a little horrified at how little pride pelope take in their work.My work isn’t especially glamorous. My co-workers and I often joke about how we’re just well-paid key-punch monkies but I still have enough respect for myself and for the pelope that use my company’s product that I put in 100% (or at least 85% if I’m in a bad mood) every day of the week.Mark Sanborn wrote an interesting book called

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