ONE HOUR before I was to leave on vacation

I worked for 3 years in lower level management for a convenience store in Florida for a company based in North Carolina with over 1500 stores. I always gave 110% to the company, and frequently worked 7 days a week, covering shifts when people called out or when extra help was needed. I was hourly; top management was salaried and therefore was always uninterested in picking up extra hours as they would be paid the same whether they worked 50 or 90 hours per week. I, on the other hand, routinely doubled my salary every year in overtime alone. The home office did not like this one bit, and routinely would attempt to rectify the situation with threats, nagging, witholding of bonuses to the top management offenders, all pretty much to no avail because the people filling those positions were all people who were “in between” jobs, i.e teachers who had been laid off and were looking for other teaching jobs and were just doing this temporarily until they could find something better.

Anyway, I gave my heart and soul to this place, it was located in my own neighborhood so I knew all the customers personally. I frequently brought dinner up to clerks working alone, and any time a new clerk would have a problem, they would call me at home and, being so close to the store, I would jump on my bicycle and furiously peddle over there to help. I scheduled my life and my family around this store, and since I was making decent money with all the overtime, I really didn’t mind too much. It was like my second home.

I had 2 weeks of vacation saved up, and with this company it is use it or lose it every year. I scheduled my two weeks for the end of October, early November, and planned an extremely rare family trip to Orlando, including my own children, my 3 nephews, my disabled brother, my husband who is undergoing chemotherapy and has been out of work for 2 years awaiting a disability hearing, and myself. This was a vacation that we could hardly afford, our family hardly ever gets to do things like this, and looking back I can’t even remember what motivated me to do it, but it was a BIG DEAL to us at the time.

Anyway, ONE HOUR before the end of my shift on my last day before my two weeks paid vacation, the regional manager came in and called me into the back office. She was beating around the bush, and I could not understand where she was going with it, until it finally hit me. I was amazed. “You’re firing me?”, I stuttered. It was completely calculated to screw me out of my vacation, in my opinion. I was pretty p.o’d, and unfortunately I ended up telling her what I had really thought of her all these years before walking out and going home.

We still went on vacation anyway, and by the way I am STILL maxed out on all my credit cards to this day, 8 months later, due to this trip.
The final insult came when I returned from Orlando and found out that my unemployment application was being denied, they claimed that because I had left before the end of my shift, that technically I walked off the job and therefore quit! Eventually I fought it, and won, and got my full unemployment before finding a new, albeit lesser paying job.
F-you, The Pantry, Inc.!

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