Happy Birthday! We are letting you go!!

I had a good job as an Administrative Assistant once upon a time. It was a job that I was good at and the people at this small circuit-board manufacturer seemed happy with the job I was doing. I did start to notice however that the Executives in the company were having a lot of meetings near the end of the day, and that a lot of people were not showing up to work the next day. I should have known something was up, but at that point I hadn’t a clue.

The day after my birthday however was one that will go down in the books. I had spent the day doing my job as usual and the Executives were all in their daily meeting. About an hour before quitting time the company president came up to me at my desk and said to me: “We are sorry that we have to do this, but I just want you to know that it’s been great having you work here for us, and if circumstances change we should be able to hire you back in a few months.” I was stunned as I had absolutly no clue what was going on so I asked “What are you talking about?”

He looked as if he were caught in six sets of headlights. “W-well…….didn’t Larry talk to you?”


There was nothing that he could say after that, all he could do was turn around and walk to his office.

I just sat there, stunned. I had this job for nearly three years, in fact it would have been three years in another nine days!. I got this job after the last time I was laid off – and I was unemployed for almost eight months before I landed this job.

I began thinking of what to do next and how I was going to tell my wife that I had lost my job a week after we had taken out a loan on the house to clear some debt – and now we had no means to pay that loan.

Finally Larry called me into his office and explained the situation. They had not been taking in any new business for quite some time now and they were having trouble staying afloat. In order to survive they had to let people go and I was the last one they wanted to jettison. Apparently they had some very heated arguements about my future there but finally came to the conclusion that they had no chooice. I asked if it were possible to reduce my hours and work part-time instead as we needed the income badly. Larry said that it was impossible. I signed for my severence and vacation check, packed up my desk and left.

Here’s the kicker…that was 6 1/2 years ago, way before the economy tanked and I am still looking for a job today!!!

My wife and I eventually had to sell that house, which was the house I grew up in by the way, and buy a house four states away after we paid off our debt. However I still have not been able to get anyone to hire me since then, and it hasn’t been for lack of looking either. I can find a job with no problem – getting hired to do that job seems to be a problem.

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