Are you sure you’ve got the right guy?

I was working for a manufacturing company in CT handling returns and repairs of spare parts as well as some inside sales and various other duties. After working for this company for only a month, I was offered a new position. They wanted me to continue handling my current duties, but also take on a supervisory position for spare parts shipping. It was explained to me that the two guys working back there needed a kick in the pants (as evidenced by a month long, $500K backlog of orders).

There was immediate friction once I took the position as one of the guys, a 17-year employee, didn’t like the idea of a “new guy” becoming his boss. Well, eventually we smoothed things over and ran a pretty efficient dept. I kept up with all of my regular duties and managed to get the dept. back on track.

The backlog was cleared up in a couple of short weeks and we managed to exceed our monthly goals for eight consecutive months (the previous best in the past five years was three straight). I was compensated/rewarded with a small raise and all seemed to be going well, until….

…they got rid of one of the two guys. Now, he was kind of a trouble-maker and a big-mouth. He needed to go, so that was fine. But, from that point on, I realized I was now working with the most irresponsible, unreliable person who I have ever worked with. I mean, I was there for two more years and NEVER, and I mean NEVER did I see this guy work a full week. He ALWAYS had to either leave early, come in late or take a day off. And I mean EVERY WEEK there was at least one occurence. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why he was still employed here! I mean, he packed boxes. It’s not like they wouldn’t be able to find another person to do his job. But the longer I worked there, the more I realized something was up.

On a Friday last month, after he was out for over a week with pneumonia…for the second time this year…and expected back on the following Monday, I was let go along with seven other people. Now I was busting my hump on a regular basis. I was working OT when necessary, coming in on Saturdays, going in on emergeny calls on Friday and Saturday nights despite my 45 minute commute, as well as taking on many more administrative duties associated with my position. Basically, I was busting my *** everyday, AND covering for this other guy everytime he was out. And the time comes to let someone go…and it’s me? The guy who is always there? The guy who is doing double work? The one you can count on to come to work and get things done?

Like I said earlier, something was up. It was in the back of my mind all the time, and had been mentioned to me by others also, that this guy had some deal going on with the company. Years ago, he had a serious accident while at work. I, as well as many other employees, believe that he had a deal that if he didn’t sue the company, he would always have a job. So when budget-cut time comes, who gets left out in the cold? Not him. Me.

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