Not My Fault, But Who Cares?

I wasn’t exactly laid off…I was fired. Not for failing to do my job. Not for taking extra time at lunch or breaks. Not for stealing client information. Not for speaking roughly to a client or to the boss. Nothing that was my fault.

Here’s the story:

My daughter, age 5, ended up in the ER with swollen optic nerves (eye doctor spotted the condition during a routine exam). An immediate MRI was recommended. A series of tests confirmed that she has too much fluid around her brain and the fluid was pressing on her optic nerves. This is not a condition to be taken lightly. She was admitted to the hospital. I missed one day of work. I called the morning after she was admitted to the hospital to let them know I would not be in and why. They all seemed understanding. Even the boss’ pet “bulldog.”

Two days after my daughter was discharged from the hospital, I was in a severe rear-end collision auto accident (after work). I was in the car in the front. I was injured and taken by ambulance to a hospital in a neck brace. After hours and hours, I was told that I had a concussion, and the ER doctor told me to stay home for three days. I called in the next morning after I was released from the ER (at 4 a.m. – I set an alarm to wake me after four hours to call in sick) to let the office know what had happened and that I would not be in for a few days.

The next day, I was called up by the “bulldog” and “let go” for my absenteeism, despite the fact that neither of these things were my fault, nor could they have been foreseen.

Now, I’m going back and forth with the unemployment insurance people about whether I’m worthy to receive the money I should be receiving while I look for another job.

It’s not fair, but it happened. Maybe I’m better off, though. The anxiety I experienced every day and the gray hairs I was growing (I’m 34) are gone and it’s only been a month.

I hope I find something else soon. I’m starting to contemplate work at a McBurgerBox.

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