Boss Takes Anger Out On You? Try Not To Complain.

Up until October 2008, my CEO was always pretty tense, angry, and abrasive. Things escalated near the end of September and into October when he started marching up to my desk at random intervals in the day and screaming at me at the top of his lungs. In front of everyone. One of his most popular outbursts was, “Are you [expletive]-ing STUPID?”

All I had asked him was if he could please reconfirm the financial figures in the Powerpoint before a big board meeting to avoid oversight.

A few days after that I submitted an inquiry to our off-site HR division about whether this would qualify for harrassment in the workplace. I needed a way to make the abuse stop!

The following week I was called into a conference room where the CEO was waiting. He unceremoniously told me I was no longer needed, gave me my belongings (that someone else had gathered from my desk and gone through), and had me escorted out the back door!

I have no idea how he found out about the inquiry, and even though I’m sure this type of practice is illegal I have no proof since all correspondence was on the computer that was confiscated as company property.

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Boss Takes Anger Out On You? Try Not To Complain., 4.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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