A Programmer 6 Years in, and out because I did not play.

I started with the company as an aggressive programmer raising the ranks over six years and trying to impress management, with good merits, pay raises and then I was asked about writing software on the side by my management team. At the time I couldn’t because of my family so, I said, “No”. Almost one month later I was moved around within the ranks, demoted then lead out the door with no notice, just a pink slip, my manager and security guard.

However the lord was looking over me and after about two weeks of holy sugar, now what I am going to do. I remembered the offer from my management team and found the email which thankfully I had sent to my home address. I forwarded this to the CFO, who I did not know, however within my letter I gave evidence as to what had transpired.

After several investigations over the next two months, including discovering several of my program libraries written for the company was being used by the underground development team. They got the boot, with fines for using company resources.
It was worth getting the boot and changing my goals in life. So sometimes the lord is watching the unfortunate and in my case it turned into good. Oh by the way, I was offered my job back eight months later but had already started my own software development business and declined for that my new business is now generating four times what I was making!

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A Programmer 6 Years in, and out because I did not play., 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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