I’m Exhausted From All This.

I am sure some of you reading this website experienced similiar situations:

It was Labor Day of 1998 and I was in purchasing management working with engineers in building regional plants for our product line to serve clients within a few hundred miles drive distance. We just finished the fourth plant and expecting to receive the charge numbers to start on the fifth plant – nope. We’ll stop here, corporate decided to not go any further As we finished the forth plant, a couple of new faces show in our offices who were sent down by corporate. These guys sit in our meetings and take notes. ‘the hell are they up to? One is a Director who stays a few days and leaves and the other is seated as Executive VP in our Division and pokes his nose into everything. He’s vertically challenged and, by all indications, “does not play well with others”.

Then my boss calls for a staff meeting and asks, he insists, a harmless question….who wants to transfer out of state to corporate? Me? No, check that, hell no! Is corporate buying my house and offsetting the new one with some equity up front? Nope. The answer stands. At that, I told my people who also had no love to transfer to dust off their resumes and start looking. We will not see Halloween here this year. Forty days later all of engineering and most of purchasing plus some sales and HR folks were dropped in the street. Sadly, plant managers, antagonists who did not want divisional people around, openly applauded our demise.

Subsequently, upon our demise being off the payroll, money was plentiful enough to pay the others not fired their first bonuses under the new incentive plan based on the NOPAT to capitalization ratio.

What I find so damn irritating was that a wall street analyst who followed the company stock was calling the President of our corporate office and beating him around the ears that the “headcount” at our division was too high and this stifled share value. After we were gone, the market got the news and the share value promptly went up – in fact, the stock doubled (poetic justice that I took 30% of my 401k inputs to buy our own stock when I started and on seeing that result, I phoned in a “sell” order).

Shortly after that, I decided it was time for me to own my own business. I was exhausted of the politics, the back biting; topside lies to CYA for them and screw us. It is disappointing to see a NYSE listed company so rife with whores who do anything to help themselves. Bodies they ran over to climb the organization laid in the halls (until those folks got up, dusted themselves off and had sense to leave and not look back). Though I do not make as much money as I did before, I do have full control of my time – Fridays off in the summer and the plenty of time between the holidays where I can visit both families – just because I said I could!

The company that dropped us in the street with puny severances? Well, their biggest client, which was THE justification for building those plants, announced in 2008 that they are going to make their own product and will not need theirs any longer! What’s the matter plant managers, feeling venerable? Now who’s applauding?? Guys, TRY to have a nice day!

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