Squeezed Out by a Lapband

On November 19, 2007 I went to my doctor for my monthly diabetic check-up. I am overweight, and during our conversation, my doctor discussed with me the merits of lap band surgery and I came away with interest in the procedure.

On arriving at my office, I was asked by a co-worker how my appointment went and I responded by saying that we discussed lap band surgery and I was considering having it done. My boss who sits in a carrel just behind me overheard our conversation.

I stayed after hours that night to catch up on following up leads from a trade show I recently attended. Everyone else, except my boss had left for the day. He was on the telephone and when he concluded his conversation, he rolled his chair while seated in it to the front of my carrel, blocking all access. He said “we need to talk” and the next words that came out of his mouth were: “I over heard you talking earlier about your having surgery. You did not clear this with me and I cannot afford to have any employee take any time off at this time. So I’m letting you go.” When I told him that I was only considering having the surgery, he said it did not matter. So at age 55, I cleared out my desk never to return

Illegal? Of course it is. The problem is that no one else heard the conversation. It my word against his and I have little doubt he would deny he said this in any legal proceeding. Several weeks later he even had the audacity to object to my filing for unemployment compensation, but the state rejected his arguments.

My feelings? Bitter yes. Vengeful? He’s not worth it. I do take great satisfaction in that almost of the distributors I set up for him over the course of four years no longer do business with him and his business is struggling.

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  • ww Says:

    Rather than just complaining, we need to enact laws that protect employees from this kind of abuse, even when no one is around to hear. A lot of jobs have cameras inside now.. isn’t that nice?
    And I am ALSO sick of getting the broken chair as the new person.. this has happened on numerous jobs. Why are they pushing the broken chair to my spot?

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