Welcome to the company, good bye

I received 5 sales in one day my second day of employment in loud, chaotic, telemarketing hell. It was the highest sale numbers in the office. Was of course congratulated, something I have learned to ignore. I then hobbled on my injured toe, two days later, after not one but TWO buses broke down or were late. The company was aware that I took FOUR buses to get to work. We thought hobbling into work very painfully on a broken bone and four buses showed dedication and initiative.

Ever the stupid, dutiful little worker, I walked/ran the quarter of a mile on my broken toe, causing further injury that far outweighs my salary, with no medical coverage. I arrived three minutes late. Never mind that I have always been early on every job I have ever had, and was ten minutes early the previous days.

Into the door I come, walking right in on manager’s apparent impromptu company ‘meeting’, which was more like a shouting, complaining session, friday morning.
He was in the middle of saying ‘ I have to decide who to hire and fire.. ‘ then said my name. I asked him “Excuse me? Are you talking to me”? He responded with a sarcastic remark. I then, in front of the entire staff, told him about the bus lateness and broken toe. The little underling manager chimed in with ‘If you can’t be here on time’… (why do you people chime in on private conversations when no one is talking to you?)

You should have heard the way he said ‘good bye’, in front of the entire staff, who sat there quietly, of course. I was told that employers give their famous ‘three time warning’ for lateness. Not telemarketing hell company, which has been in business for 37 yrs, by the way. Many companies announce such confidential information as firings right in front of other staff members.

The VERY NEXT DAY, I received a ‘welcome to the company’ letter from the president of the firm!!! It is so insane I am laughing as I type this. CALLED the pres. to re-iterate the four buses and injury, and he magically was unavailable (sure) and was screening his calls. I chuckled at the secretary’s response of ‘unavailable’ AFTER asking who was calling. Ha ha ha ha.

Do you companies realize that the more you lay excellent, productive workers off or terminate their employment, the more you hurt the economy? You DO realize that, don’t you?

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