Cutting the Fat…Employee Relations Representative

It was a cold February day this year when my gainful employment was involuntarily ended. I was working for a consulting firm for almost three years when just the day before I was laid off, we were saying our goodbyes to our tem members in Davenport, (Another group who was laid off)…

Anyway, around 1pm, my boss got a call and went behind closed doors to take the call. We knoew it wasn’t good. I was still thinking in my head, it’s not going to be me. As I was sitting at my desk, trying to focus on work, my intercom rang. My boss asked me to come to the conference room. Everybody stared and looked at me. It felt like fire was burning through my back as I took the long walk down the hall to the conference room.

When I entered, my boss’s boss was sitting in the chair next to her and I knew this was it. I immediately asked, “Is this bad news?” She promptly replied: “Well, Cass, it ain’t good news.” She proceeded to tell me my position was eliminated due to the market. You see during the 1st quarter of FY ’09, my branch and several other branches lost 50% of our business. Management had to cut the fat. I was given severance pay and told they would not protest my unemployment claim….thank God! After I signed the necessary paperwork, I fought back my tears and took that long walk back to my cube to collect my things. This was hard because everybody was hovering and trying to say good-bye while I was tring to leave.

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