A pat on the back, or a slow stab? “Sell four boats this month and you’re safe.”

I am used to always working two jobs, mostly for the extra income and also to keep me out of trouble.

For the longest time I have been in the restaurant biz and mainly bartending because I like the fact that I control my income with the amount of effort I put into it. Therefore sales would be a easy transition.

After having a unique conversation with a regular guest of mine he offered me a job being a Yacht Broker with him. At first I was hesitant but I fell in love with the field, the boat shows, and the money to be made. Plus I just love boats.

I have been a Yacht Broker for nearly 4 years now and still bartending at nights because that is my main source of income guaranteed every night.

One day I had a man come in and sit down for a drink with his wife. We hit it off really well and at the end he asked me “Do you like boats?” I replied I love them and I am a broker as well. What I didn’t know is that he was a high in that ranks Yacht professional with a very high end division of Italian Yachts being sold from the largest Yacht dealership worldwide. He right there offered me a sales consultant job with his company and I exploded inside. I know that this is the best of the best and most importantly know I can quit my job at nights. SO I DID !! (dumb move)

I am now working full time for this company at a location that is an hour each way form my house and I took this job at the very beginning of our market, housing, economy collapse. And I always thought I was good at timing.

Things start off a little rough but I also have a good string of luck on some deals. The second month I am there they announce due to cutting back costs they are reducing the commissions for all salesman. Nice! I still look optimistic and keep pushing forward. 3 months later they announce the second string of cut backs with yet another reduction of commissions! All the meantime myself and other employees are getting worried about store closings and firings but with that our CEO does a nationwide tour and goes to each store to tell us about our job security and that they were either going to lay off thousands of employees or cut commissions so they went with the money and not the sales force…or we thought that.

At this time I am into my 7th month and have successfully closed 6 boats. Not bad for a 29 year old working with 3 other sales guy there that have been there for years.

On April 1st I was sent into my boss’ office and he told me that they are getting ready to cut more costs and this time their cutting employees. He said to me “Since your the newest here, your being targeted. If you can sell 4 boats by the end of the month your job is safe.” 4 boats in less than a month at this time is not an easy task for anyone. I SOLD 3 THAT NEXT WEEKEND!!

That next monday I get sent into the boss’ office again this time hoping for a praise (dumb move) with the 3 boats I just sold and instead he is actually calling everyone in as well. Maybe a big praise? No, he was informing us on the newest of commission reductions and this one is the biggest. This time we would actually lose money if we took anything in on trades. Im thinking “Whatever” at least I still have a job.

After that I actually do get a very big “Good job” from my superiors and even from the regional manager himself. A nice warm pat on the back and them telling me to keep up the good work. It looks good for you down the road. Now thats reassuring.
I come in to work April 29th, first one there. I have a fourth and final deal coming together that day. My computer won’t let me log in. As soon as i am scratching my head my boss comes to me and cowardly says can you come to my office. Confused I walk in and he says “Tim this is the hardest thing to do for me but I am being forced to do this.” I already knew it right then. ‘Pack your belongings, leave me your key, and please don’t make a scene.” He told me his boss wanted to fire me at the end of the day so I could get that last deal for them. He decided to do it first thing to give me the rest of the day.

He told me his supposed reasoning was Lack of Performance. I found out that 1,500 employees nationwide were let go also. All i could think of was that pointless speech I sat through when I could have been working clients instead. I sold 8 boats in 9 months in the worst timing possible for a brand new guy coming from used boats to brand new. Sad thing is I remember talking to my partner and he told me that 2 years ago he was making over 200K a year and now with the same amount of Yachts he will be making $40-50K if he is lucky.

Sorry for the long story but I was relieved to hear that there was a site dedicated to the honest working class American and the #$%# we got put through.

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A pat on the back, or a slow stab? "Sell four boats this month and you're safe.", 5.0 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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  • Sheldon Burlington Says:

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible! Thanks!

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  • Charles Says:

    This was a great read and story. That carpet pull effects us all and i can truly relate about busting my bottom dispite the odds but still receiving the short end of the stick. Hang in there bro and i hope you can take this experience and turn it into something positive and beneficial for your future. All the best!!

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  • basics Says:


    A pat on the back, or a slow stab? “Sell four boats this month and you’re safe.” | How I Got Laid Off

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