Sleeping Around Helps you Keep Your Job

As I completed an itinerary and trip schedule for the meeting staff I walked around my boss’ chair to leave the itineary for her to review and on her computer screen was my name, date and reasons for termination. I was flabergasted. I worked there for over 6 years and gave more than my life to this company.

I left her office and went back to my office where I closed the door and phoned my spouse to say “I’m getting laid off”. He didn’t believe me. Within 2 minutes the President of our company knocked on my door and asked to see me. I put the phone down and asked “Am I being let go?” He asked me to go to his office.

Upon entering my immediate boss was sitting at the conference table. I sat down and looked right at her and asked “Are you terminating me? I saw the memo on your computer screen?” All she could say was sorry.

They could give no reason – I was received a huge bonus in December – but I honestly believe I knew too much dirt for her to feel comfortable.

This is the person that for the past six years with four school aged children has been cheating on her husband with the CEO and gov’t agency worker that my old company did business with. I was asked to always block her in connecting hotel rooms and told who to put in the connecting room.

She must be really good – because she is still working there – if she gets promotion I can only guess what else she has done….

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Sleeping Around Helps you Keep Your Job, 4.4 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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3 Responses to “Sleeping Around Helps you Keep Your Job”

  • econobiker Says:

    Sounds like that bosses husband needs to know about her hotel arrangements and relationship with the ceo via an anonymous tip…

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  • LaidOff Recruiter Says:

    I don’t know that I agree this time, Econo.
    Your immediate boss may be next. It would be good to have an ally. Even if she DOES keep her job, she could be a valuable resource in the reference department. At least she can say that you always kept confidential matters discreet 🙂

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  • King Santori Says:

    If more women screwed around – there would be less rape and hostility in this world. Women fear being raped. So, I ask them…how many guys have you sucked off this year? 1? That’s not enough. If each woman in an office sucked at least 10 guys (in that office and down at the deli) at least a few times a year. Rape and hostility towards women would cease…and women would start making a whole lot more money as well.

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