Budget meeting cover-up

I had been working for a non-profit agency for over 8-years and NEVER had a bad evaluation. My 5th year on the job, I received a generous promotion, where I would be working out of 2 offices and was deemed a “trailblazer” for being the first in the association to be doing this.

Evaluation time came at the end of year 8 and I was expecting the normal evaluation with some areas of improvement and detailing my accomplishmens the previous year. Much to my surprise, i was hot with a “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” in almost all areas. My supervisor, who did not write my evaluation, stressed to me that she did not agree with the evaluation and thought it was unfair. I was pretty upset and angry, but took it with a grain of salt and made the changes as indicated.

6-months later, all of the staff were scheduled for a budget review with the executive director. Mine was scheduled for the afternoon and I was feeling a little uneasy about it, but had spent the few days prior getting my notes together to discuss. I sat down across from the Executive Director and was handed a letter stating that my position was being eliminated. She went on to explain that is was due to my poor performance. However, I was never written-up or given any kind of indication that my performance was poor between the evaluation and my lay-off. In the weeks leading up to the “budget meeting”, I was told that I was showing improvement and that I was doing a good job. They had to use the lie that it was for a budget meeting, but I guess they were telling me how I was not going to fit into the budget.

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