Picking up the check

I used to work for a large, international auditing and consulting firm for two years. Originally I was based in DC, but the powers that be decided to send me around to Sacramento, Houston, and then back to the home office. Eventually my work load got less and less, and I was constantly “on the bench.” My performance reviews mentioned my low metrics and deliverables which was funny as I can’t produce them if I’m not staffed. The first wave of cost cutting came in the form of paper down grading such as napkins, toilet paper, and printer paper.

We got an email from National indicating layoffs would occur. I was nervous, but felt somewhat secure. Out of the blue I get an email from a project manager wanting to meet me about a potential project he thinks suits my skills well. We get talking over lunch, he tells me about the project, I tell him about my experience, and I felt excited that I’d be doing “work” again as opposed to spending my days driving around the country side and sleeping in. So the check comes and he insists on paying saying, “you really should be saving your money.” When I got back to the office 20 minutes later, I had received a signed letter notifying of my termination. The manager I had lunch with, was one of the signees.

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