So Long Technical Field (nice knowing you), Heading to the Garden

Welcome to month number 5.

So far I have had 6 temporary jobs, not bad, but now they are drying up.

I was removing and replacing fax machines for the USPS hired by an out of state temporary employment comapny called Modis.

Since my last assignment, of which all the USPS customers I installed the fax machines for, wanted to keep me to do troubleshooting on all thier terminals.

Sadly I told them I had to go, but Thank you for all the kind words and references.

For the last two months I have been reconstructing my Mom’s entire garden, this has inspired me to make a career change, UP YOURS technical career!

I still servcie computers, BUT the technical market right now smells like a dead skunk!

From what I am gathering, most electronic production employment establishments are getting a pool of “hire-ees” that they can choose from. (Pick-o-the-litter)

Well you firms, Boeing just laid off 1000 more worker’s into the unemployment game, sending the now rate of unemployment in Washington state to 9.5% or is it now 10%? Correct me on this.

So now I am looking at a creer change as a gardener, I just have a knack for this, but no direction to go in, if anyone has an inspirational I idea on this, I am open for suggestions.

Thank you.

I hope I can return the favor.

After all, were all in the same boat.

The unemployment cruise lines, come aboard for a week or 6 months, or until your unemp. benefits run out…

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So Long Technical Field (nice knowing you), Heading to the Garden, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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