Wrongfully Terminated by a Pansy Marine

marine-in-da-nang-vietnamI worked for a company in the semiconductor world in Worcester Mass. I was wrongfully terminated. The state of Mass, has also agreed with my evidence. But nothing can be done. The company blows smoke about caring for it’s employees. It’s an untruth, they hire fools for supervisors who play games. They have their favorites and anyone else is just well not worth dung. But the dung people do all the work. Since then they have had huge layoffs??? I hope the company goes belly up. Its owned by JAPAN. But the good side is im doing better and there is life after A@#$&%O. Possibly better than before. Still looking for a new job.

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Wrongfully Terminated by a Pansy Marine, 2.9 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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