If you are not at this meeting you are laid off.

The construction firm I worked for was going though some financial difficulty during the 2002 down turn. The top management had been out of the office for several days and had several closed door meetings, so we had an idea of what was coming. On a Tuesday morning the majority of the staff was called into a staff meeting. Once we all got settled the CEO told us of the companies financial troubles and that they had made the hard decision to make several cuts to the staff. He went on to say that those employees who were not in the room had been let go. There were several employees missing but, we were all shocked when we looked around the room and did not see the CFO, VP, and a few other top project managers. Had they really been laid off?

We found out later from the CFO that management had worked very hard to coordinate the whole lay off procedure. And while we were in the meeting the top management were escorting the laid off employees out the building. The CEO had misspoke. I guess he did not rehearse his part well enough.

Needless to say the next round of lay offs were handled a bit differently. And unfortunately I was cut during round three of lay offs.

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