22 years with t he founding fathers got me nothing

I worked for a company for 22 plus years and started with the founding fathers. In time the son’s joined the company and things started to change. Since I had been with the company for so long I felt I was secure. With that security I never lapsed in my decision making or my commitment in fact I worked harder and wiser. I adored my job and the people I worked for and with so as you can imagine it was a huge blow to be let go.

THE DAY…. two of the sons walked into my office along with their company attorney! I looked at them and said you have to be kidding me, they in turn told me that they could no longer afford me. I was completely devastated, my life my bills revolved around my income and now it is gone! It took weeks, no months for me to recover. I have been through every emotion and then some. There are others from the same company that held high ranking positions that were let go so at least we can communicate our feelings to each other. If I could make two wishes one of them would be that no person ever would have to experience what I have had to deal with.

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22 years with t he founding fathers got me nothing, 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

This post was submitted by Virginia.

2 Responses to “22 years with t he founding fathers got me nothing”

  • Siddiq Says:

    Hi, I’m doing a college research paper for ECON about good employees who were laid off after ten or more years of service. Would you be willing to do a short interview?

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  • Charles Says:

    Virginia your story is very common. Longevity and dedication has a shelf life too and many people get blindsided when they dont include this real life fact into their value or belief system. The emotional price paid is just a devestating as the financial price that is paid. I have felt that same feeling many times and each time it hasnt felt any better. We are in a “thanks but move on and forget it happened” society.

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