Best day of my life

So…here is my laid off story…

I am a designer/architect that changed jobs before the recession melt down because I needed a change. What made me really want to work for this one boutique firm was the fact everyone was hanging out after work on Friday watching a movie in the conference room. I thought, “wow…what a cool firm”. Of course I did not stop to think at the time that this meant everyone had no lives outside of work!

I had worked at a number of architectural firms over the years and at this one finally refused to fall into the “I will work extra hours unpaid to get the job done” because the partners insist on putting things off until after 5:00 pm on Friday. I refused to buy into the bullshit. So when the first round of layoffs came, I knew I would be in that group.

When the office admin. asked me to join her downstairs with the partners, I knew.

When the partners told me, I did actually laugh at them. They were kind of shocked, but frankly I had had misgivings about working there and was relieved I did not have to quit myself. They were not good business people and did not really care about their employees only their expensive cars and houses.

I was actually lucky to get a severance check.

They really screwed up the second round of layoffs by insisting on a one month furlough for some people instead of officially being canned so they could not even get unemployment! These guys had families and mortgages in the San Francisco Bay Area! What a lousy deal!

Frankly, getting laid off and getting a severance check was the happiest day of my life! I got drunk after work, hung out for an extra long Christmas break and then decided to go into business for myself. I mean, if all those other turkeys out there can start a business why not me.

Ultimately, it has lead me in a different direction career-wise and I am happier for it.

Yes, there were those moments of insecurity, but you will learn that you are stronger and smarter then you probably gave yourself credit for…

To all whom have been canned…Your best revenge is living better…Really. If I can do it, so can you. Push forward, undaunted!

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