Change Orders Please

I’m in the fire protection industry and after working for my employer for approximately 2 years he decided to let me go. After working for 2 months here my boss offered me a supervising position, and I took the position and I told him I would give it a try. After almost doing it for about 1 year I just got fed up with it and asked him to put me back out on the field where I was most happy at.

While I was supervising for him I noticed he had no remorse for people with families. He would have me let go fire or lay off people from work like if they were some type of disposable kitchen item. That made me so furious. I should had just left then, but I stayed working here. One thing that I now realize something, I did not pick up on while I was working here was that there has not been an employee who has worked for him for over 1 year other than one family menber who has been working there for a couple of years and the man has been in business for over ten years. I ask my self what kind of stability can this company have.

So a couple of months ago he decided to look for a supervisor. So he found one that knows people and has few connections here and there which also picks up work on a regular basis. Which I thought was good and I was all for it since this economy is so bad. We all could use the work. I didn’t know but this guy had a little crew of guys that he takes with him every where he goes. I didn’t like the idea one bit.

Sure enough, the job I was on had major problems as far as design issues. I confronted the new supervisor about these issues and I would not get any answers. So a bunch Change Orders started to pile up. I was keeping track of time material used to change or modify the system in order for it to be installed correctly. I spoke to the owner and told him I was not getting anywhere with this new supervisor. So hew blew me off like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him, I knew what was stirring up. I was being set up for failure and I didn’t even know it.

On a sunday morning the owner calls me and asked me to come over to his house and as a loyal employee I went. Just to find out that I was going to be drilled for the next four hours on how slow the jobs were going and how much money he was losing and making negative comments about all the employees that where there before this new supervisor. After two years working for the man there was never a problem and all of a sudden there was a problem. All of this smelled a little fishy to me. I’ve been there before. When a new supervisor comes in and cleans house and brings their people in.

I was mad, furious, and upset from the conversation I had the day before with the owner.So the following monday I recieved a phone call from the owner asking why I had a conversation with a fellow employee. Since I went that monday morning to pick up some tools from this fellow employee and since we are being watched via a GPS unit in all the company vehicles and took a few extra minutes to just grab the tools and take off to my next job. The owner figured I said something to my fellow employee. I was mad and asked my self if we where in some comunist country and can’t talk, I blew up. I replied and told him YES! I did speak to him and told him how much trash he spoke about us employees who were here before this new supervisor came.

Sure enough, when I arrived to the job site. There was the new supervisor waitting for me and which he already spoken to the owner. He came up to me and said that the owner was tired. Tired? I asked. I asked him to speak clearly and get to the point. So he replied with “We got to let you go.” I started to gather my things made a phone call home so that someone could come and pick me up. So he takes off to the other job site to let go of the other employee and on Tuesday he let go of another two employees. He cleaned house.

Since I never turned in the change orders. I’ve been recieving phone calls everyday asking for me to hand them the change orders. What nerve, after kicking me out like a dog in the street. They have the balls to call me asking me for the change orders. I never had a chance to write them up. They could have been a little smarter and kept me till I had all the change orders written up. In the past couple of months they’ve been pushing my buttons to see if I would quit but I didn’t, I rode the horse till it’s tongue hung out of it’s mouth. I guess, I pushed their buttons and they couldn’t handle the truth.

Thanks for reading my story. I wish all of us who are on this website the best and don’t give up. There are people out there that will aprecciate us for who we are.

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  • Scott Says:

    It is real hard to work for employers that do not relate to how valuable a good working relationship is. After 14 years I was let go and could say the rlationship was great in the beginning but worsened over time. I found out that there are many people like me and have come to understand that if I don’t know my rights I don’t have any.

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