Not even leadership is safe at LGSH.

OK. So not even a supervisor is safe when it comes to a crazy manager. I got the axe last Thursday. This comes one month prior to my receiving a raise, go figure.

It all started about 3 months ago when S&NDY SCOV!L took over as manager of our Central Sterile department…after ousting the manager that was there at the time. Oh yeah, she made up lies about her, tattled them to the director and then created such a brutal, hostile environment that the lady couldn’t take it anymore and quit. Oh, she had gone to HR and her boss, but they didn’t do anything.

After this Joe Dirt mullet wearing manager took over, she started changing things just for the sake of change. And to undo anything the previous manager had done.

Sandy started to treat me really badly after “Pam” left us. She backed me into her wall in her office and screamed and yelled at me for nothing. She did everything in her witchy power to belittle and berate me in hopes that I too would quit.

It drove me to work even harder and run my team the best I ever had. We were kicking but and meeting all the goals we had set. Several of the OR staff were bragging about what a great person I was and how much I had accomplished.

Through her foiled plans to rid me the easy way and through her jealousy and insecurities, she was finally able to convince our director to eliminate my position.

So even though I have the most experience as a supervisor in my department, and even though I am a certified techinician, unlike the manager and her lacky, they were able to somehow justify him staying and me going.

Staff is upset and frankly, very angry. I am sure you can imagine that I am too after taking a pay cut of $20.15/hr for no reason other than this looney tunes to have her way and undo “Pam” and who she hired.

I am a Mom with three kids and two step-kids. There is no way my husband and I will be able to survive.

My career in this field is at a complete stand still. I was wrongfully let go. I am feeling bitter. How could I not?

I will envoke all the rights I have and fight this with an attorney. This woman will not get away with this without the fight of a lifetime. I have some serious fire power due to the whistle blowing act and it will be used.


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