12hrs after being back from holiday; heading to the army

I work for a small company, So work was going great we were working overtime till november and started to slow down in december. My review was coming up and I was hoping to do well on it. So when It came for my review my boss asked how I was liking my job. I said I love it. The guys are great and we all get along together. He then asked me if I got offered a better job somewhere else would I take it. I said no, I love it here and I like what im doing. He then asked if there was anything I would like to do on my free time. I awnser by saying I would like to volunteer my weekend to keep me busy as I just lost my farther few day from my review. My dad committed suicide and I was back to work the next day. So i was given a raise and work keep coming in it looked all as well. In febuary I took my hoildays for 3 weeks hoping that theres alot of work pilling up once I got back.

When I came back to work in the middle of march of 09 I worked for 12hrs and then I and 2 other guys I worked with were let go. My boss said its just for a month you will be back before you no it. so as time went by my boss finaly called me to come back so I was only working part time because thats all I could get with so many other people in my area lossing there jobs.

so I quit my part time job and went back to work in september 1st 2009. I worked for 3 weeks and I was let go agian. Well I have came up with the Let me go once shame on me, let me go twice shame on you Im not coming back… im GONE Im now go into the army and looking forward to it.

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This post was submitted by Joe Simp.

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  • JWR Says:

    Way to go Joe your not a quitter. Sorry about your Dad. Jesus loves you and no matter what life throws at you He has life everlasting waiting for the taking for those who seek His face.

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