F*@% Off, You’re Fired!

Let me tell you my story. I worked for a family owned construction company for 8 years, ever since I was 18. It was started by my dad, who then employed my siblings. About 10 years ago, they fired my dad and took over the company. I never understood why. I then began working for them when I left school. I never bothered to get my apprenticeship in a trade, yet learnt the ropes with them, and was advised I didn’t really need one. Then about 2 weeks ago, after many years of friction with one of the brothers, I was given warnings about improving my work habits or go look for a job elsewhere. (This was around the time I was suffering from clinical depression mind you) Then one day at work after a minor mishap I was told quite bluntly “F%$@ off, your fired! Get out of my sight!” Needless to say this couldnt have come at a worse time, especially since Im a homeowner. So lesson to the wise, get an apprenticeship, no matter who you work for!

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  • Danny Says:

    Any family owned business where they fire the dad, there’s something not right with that. Sounded like they got greedy and wanted the lion’s share for themselves. If you had years of friction with them and knew they fired your dad, and weren’t going to care about your depression, you knew they put business above family. You’ll be fine, get through this, get the apprenticeship at some point (I’d work with their competitor), and hold tight. And talk to your dad.

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