Too Professional

I took a job with a new company, formed by a couple of private equity interests with parts of an old company. Soon after I started, various warning signs appeared that maybe this wasn’t the ideal job for me, or anybody else, for that matter:

—a few weeks after I started, I was given three more departments to manage, thereby doubling/tripling my workload. This was a classic “bait and switch”….you can’t tell me management didn’t know about this when I went through the interview process only a couple of weeks earlier.

— “old guard” management made it their business to make my daily existence miserable. They did not like the idea of a new position in their company that ate into their “power base”. I was constantly fighting fires for what these folks did with my staff, e.g. hired them, fired them, gave them work to do and never told me, etc. Appeals to my higher ups fell on deaf ears….obviously, they didn’t want to upset the good old boys.

— apparently, the “good ‘ol” way of doing business in this company included a lot of fraud/crime. In the space of six months, I found the following:

— OSHA fraud
— sexual harassment
— software piracy
— workmens compensation fraud
— payroll fraud

again, I reported every instance to the higher ups….no response, other than one instance of the equivalent of a wrist slap.

I could see the writing on the wall…these folks liked to go about business by doing anything and everything they wanted to do; no regards to the right way . “Morally bankrupt” is a term that comes to mind. I started looking for another job early this year.

One day in April, the boss called me into his office, and actually told me to my face that I was “too professional” for the job, and he needed someone who was “loose and accommodating”. It takes a lot of arrogance to say that basically he wanted a crook in my role. I was given 20 minutes to pack/leave, all under the supervision of one of the “old guard”.

Morale of the story: stay the course, and leave folks like this behind…they’ll get theirs, sooner or later.

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2 Responses to “Too Professional”

  • Mark Says:

    I was offered a job by an online gambling company not too long ago. The HR lady gave me the offer letter and said “You know I’m going to sue your boss for harassment soon?”.

    The place was a cess pool and I decided I’d keep looking (and still am looking).

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  • runningraleigh Says:

    Hey did you (author) also post this on Reddit? I think I have read it there.

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