Out of work over 18 months

After years going between grocery stores and restaurants, I finally got a job with an event planning company a friend of a friend started in his downstairs basement office. He’s actually a 3rd party provider who has a website making him look like he has a huge armada of limousines, buses, trolleys, boats-you name it. He had been in the business for over 5 years and had bought a bunch of google keywords so when folks would enter “Bus, San Francisco” his website would come up. I worked there for 2 years for a really great wage, and more flexibility than any other job I ever had. There was some drama with his personal life, but all and all it was a good job, and I didn’t know how good I had it until he laid me off Dec 24, 2008.

I had grown so sick of the revolving door of my worklife, I thought I’d live on credit cards a little while, just until I found some work. It was only 2 months later when my girlfriend and I split up. Then I figured since I wasn’t finding work, I’d go retreat for awhile in New Mexico, thus accumulating more debt. A friend had a business idea in CA that he wanted me to be a part of but changed his mind after I had driven all the way back to CA, only to head back to Colorado, this time with another friend who wanted to start a business. We partnered up, funded it mostly through what was left of my credit and failed miserably. During 2009 I bussed tables for a month at a snooty bistro, and drove a cab for a month, until they fired me for crashing the cab slipping on ice on New Years Eve. My new girlfriend and I were sick of CO and the snow and ice and moved back to CA, and finally, finally-2 weeks ago I started working for $9.50 an hour at a grocery store as a floater, working in different departments and doing janitorial and handyman work. Age 22-34 went by in a flash, and unfortunately I have not established a business of my own and have worked shitty dead end jobs since I was 15 years old. I look forward to going to sleep at night. My girlfriend sometimes makes 10 times what I make doing what she does. I feel like a total loser and her and I are looking for a way to move out of this country permanantly.

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