I Saved Clients Money

I decided to get my associate’s degree in accounting, and I managed to graduate a few months before the economy started to crash, so I landed a fairly decent job as a clerk in a local accounting firm. I assumed more responsibility, until I was responsible for doing people’s taxes, with my boss (the CPA) signing off on my work.

While I was doing taxes, I noticed that there was a provision that could save several of our clients hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in taxes that was not being utilized. So I used it. When my boss saw my work, she was angry and said that I had misread the law. I had not. I pulled up some research about the provision which proved my point, but she still did not believe me, even though it was spelled out very clearly. So I called the person who had written the provision, who agreed with my interpretation of it.

Finally my boss believed me. Of course, she took all of the credit for my discovery and presented it to the clients that she had just discovered a new provision. It had been on the books for four years.

And then she fired me on April 16th, 2010, of course the day after tax forms had to be postmarked, because I had “disrespected” her by contradicting her opinion. Never mind that I was right and that I had saved her clients a ton of money and that I was respectful when explaining the provision to her; I had disagreed with her, even though she had been wrong, and that was a fire-able offense in her book.

This was my first job out of school, and she made it clear that she would not be giving me a good reference. I’m stuck. I’ve been thinking about going back to school to become a nurse, but my cousin did that and she still hasn’t found a job because most hospitals apparently aren’t willing to hire new graduate nurses. I don’t know what to do…

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2 Responses to “I Saved Clients Money”

  • AngryMiddleClassWhiteGuy Says:

    What you need to do is have someone call your old boss for a reference and carefully document everything said.

    Then, take that transcript to an attorney if it’s negative; have the attorney send her a letter pointing out just what laws she is violating. She’ll get the message.

    Yes, I had to do this once–in a similar situation to yours.

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  • techlady Says:

    Just learn from this experience. You are a smart one and the fact that you found a alaw that she had no idea it existed, speaks a lot about your sharpness and capabilities. Don’t even show her name for reference. Good luck!

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