How Hard Could Carrying Food Be?

I’m not sure if this is the typical story here, but I want to get this out. Ok, so I just finished my freshman year at college and applied to several places to get a summer job. After waiting a week I got a call from a local restaurant asking for an interview. I got a job as a food runner. It was a rough start, the pace was much faster than what I was used to. There was little training given, I was expected to figure most things out for myself. Perfection was essentially an unwritten rule. Needless to say, I dropped a tray of food or two, and forgot to bring a few dishes up; I was told this happens to everyone. Today I got fired after forgetting one too many orders. It was pretty rough, the chef/my boss yelled at me in front of pretty much everyone. It seems like the restaurant’s modus operandi is to hire more people than they need and keep the best and lay off the others; which, for my money, isn’t the nicest way of doing things. Even though I know the job wasn’t a good fit for me, and it’s not the end of the world, it still feels bad when someone tells you you’re best isn’t good enough.

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  • Gokul Says:

    I dunno about the drooling part, but I think most poelpe view work the way they always viewed school: It’s, eh, ok [OR totally lame]. There are about a million other things I’d much rather be doing. Most poelpe I’ve met just simply aren’t committed to being awesome at anything, or if they are, it’s not work.I’ve never personally been employed in a large company, but as a consultant I come in contact with them a lot, working on-site, becoming part of the teams. My other type of clients are tiny little startups. The mix of poelpe who care/people who’d rather be watching Everybody Loves Raymond is much worse in the big companies.

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