Fired and Glad

I was hired onto Medco through an open house, where many others were hired through a temporary agency. I was doing a great job, showing up early and a few weeks later, long term employees started to complain that too many were hired, they had to sign early out sheets early in the week, instead of just Friday and Saturday. I began to go into work after 50 days and there was no work at the beginning of my shift. I would stay until early out was mandatory. I worked overtime one weekend and then next thing I know, I was making mistakes and I was fired before my 90 days. I lived close, had benefits. I did nothing to contribute to this company decision.Believe you me. But I faxed the corporate in New Jersey, he phoned Florida and they let me get unemployment. However, I did nothing wrong, and they could care less about the truth, or the little people in the company.

So just remember when it comes to loyalty, there isn’t any anymore. They are so far away, they don’t know a thing. I know the truth. I have a college degree and some certificates. I don’t care about that company and I think it stinks anyway. Boycott. For all I care.

It was a miserable place to work, glad I don’t go there anymore.

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