Mondays Aren’t Bad Enough Without Layoffs

I worked for a title company for four years with the knowledge that it wasn’t going anywhere and the benefits were nil. But the work was easy, I got along with my boss and it was a pay check every week, so I thought why not? Times were tough and our work was a little slow, but I always had stuff in my inbox to work on and I wasn’t afraid to take on the nastier stuff others didn’t want. Dedication is my thang.

Monday morning: The previous week my car finally bit the dust and I had something lodged under my conjunctiva in my eye, so I was on the phone with my doctor when an e-mail popped up on my screen. The subject line was Can You Please Come Upstairs?

Didn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Into the phone I muttered an expletive, a nice way to impress the appointment setter at your doctor’s office, hung up and went upstairs. I got a ‘well you’ve probably known for a while we were going to lay you off’ speech, even though I hadn’t. It came as a total shock because I’d just received a new batch of no-on-else-wants-to-do-this-you-do-it work.

I got handed a check and a letter of resignation. He didn’t even pay me a full week, he cut off four hours and used my vacation time to cover the four he cut out.

Seriously, why bother having me come in on a Monday for an hour and a half? Most of which I spent goofing off on the internet, mind you, but why not let me go on Friday afternoon so I didn’t have to get up early and bother getting dressed the following work day?

I keep getting e-mails from him because I guess he still thinks we’re “friends”. How are you doing? Well, I’m about a $1000 behind on my electric, whatever was in my eye is STILL there and oh, by the way, the day you laid me off, I ran over my dog with the new car I’m still working out payments on. The economy sucks and I can’t find a new job. How do you think I am?

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Mondays Aren't Bad Enough Without Layoffs, 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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  • Any Mouse Says:

    The reason you were laid off on a Monday is because of security. It is better for a company to lay off employees on Monday (or other day during the week) so that, in theory, the laid off employee can start looking for work the next day. Rather than using the weekend to stew and get angry and come in for some revenge.

    Generally speaking, lay offs are done on Mondays.

    I feel your pain. I’ve been laid off several times myself.

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