We aren’t laying off this year….

During my 8 year stint as an engineer at a major medical device company there has been a lot of good and bad. As the economy started tanking the company laid off like a lot of other places did. I fortunately was deemed valued enough to survive a few years of cuts. Earlier this year the CEO announces in an all employee meeting that there will be no layoff this year. Great thing to hear, but it turned out to be a false sense of security. A company can reduce people without having to pay benefits, severance or even unemployment. The powers that be decided to pressure people to leave on their own. The pressures became so intense that employees of 20+ years just walked out the door. In addition many went on medical leaves due to the stress to come back to a reorganized department and a released position. Those that put up with the stress (including myself) were then amazingly put on PIPs despite solid reviews (including myself). Wasn’t going down without a fight therefore I excelled on the PIP to a level the HR and management questioned if it was established at a sufficient level. After several attempts to push me out the door I was then given blame for a component engineers mistake and subsequently let go for that. A company has no loyalty to employees anymore and although it was a huge initial ouch I have never felt better. I am working at a transition job for a little less money but haven’t felt this good in years. I lost almost 20 pounds primarily from the lack of stress and burden from that previous place.

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We aren't laying off this year...., 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  • econobiker Says:

    This is a typical way to clean house for companies which don’t want to pay out severance, benefits. My spouses former employer actually had a “firing freeze” as that company shifted production offshore to India. They wanted to clean house but not pay benefits by making people quit due to stress and realigning the production pay with the offshore division (India level pay). My spouse quit due to the emotional stress and reduced pay AND filed for, fought for, and received unemployment benefits!!! HaHa to that company.

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