John Fluke industries IS a job-killer

I just got a call from my temporary firm, “The assignment is completed” is what my rep. told me.

I put in 1 year at Fluke, I attended every Thursday meeting even though I was not employed by Fluke.

The last report at the meeting was a whole string of assemblies were being shipped to Singapore, and other board houses across the US.

can you say… OUT-SOURCING?!

I had a feeling that some thing was going to happen, yet they siad that a slew of overtime was to begin next week, I was geared to take on the overtime!

I came home tired, but looking forward to next week, so I sat down only to hear my phone ring with the bad news….

I realize this is the life of a temporary, the original assignment was for only 3 months, I guess I got lucky.

Count my blessings on this one, but now the fight begins, not only with depression but having to find another tmep-to-hire job, I pray!

The job market leans on temporary positions, I guess I got too comfy with Fluke, I will be more “on guard” with my next short-term assignment, that is to say, when I hear that things are changing, get with my rep., and say I need a new assignment please.

To all out there who are still fighting to get a job, keep it up!! We can whip this thing into submission!

There IS a job out there somewhere for YOU!


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  • Beth Says:

    great optimism.
    What temp agency do you use?

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