Both of Us at Once-Never work where Your Spouse Does!

My husband and I left good jobs in another state to take work closer to our family. I have an aging grandmother with a terminal condition and declining health. We were back a few months when my husband was laid off suddenly. He came to work with me at the small firm where I worked. Four months later, they called him into my office at the end of the day. The “big news” was that we were laid off. Clients had stopped paying and there was no money for payroll. The third guy on the block was on his honeymoon. His new bride was the mother of five. Half the staff was let go that day, all three of us. I know it is a small business, but that left our home with no income, no hopes of finding anything in the area, and left with the choice of abandoning the woman who raised me or moving and looking after ourselves without a support system in an unstable economy. We had to file bankruptcy, lost our house, and had to sell our paid for car for something older so we could live off the extra cash. Now how are we supposed to move to get a job? Every company here not in our field refuses to hire us. We are “over qualified,” or “wouldn’t be happy with the pay.” We would in land development and road construction. When banks don’t loan and governments are strapped for cash, we have nothing to do. So, don’t work where your spouse does, understand that your fancy degree from a good school harms you in bad times, and no one cares if you can afford shoes for your kids!

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Both of Us at Once-Never work where Your Spouse Does!, 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  • HangingOnToHope Says:

    Hi Reaping…as soon as I saw the title of your post, I chuckled. The same thing happened to me and my husband! We worked in the same place, this was a large company that had several layoffs in the past. I guess we kinda knew what was to come sooner or later, but we held on as long as we could because we both went to school.
    It sounds like we worked in the same field as you and your husband did!

    Lesson learned…unfortunately.

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