Laid Off While On Vacation

I worked for the owner of a small company, a very difficult man, for over 12 years. He was very happy with my work but was having dire financial problems. We all kind of expected the doors to close at any time.

While I was on vacation at my nephew’s wedding, waiting for the ceremony to begin, my cell phone rang. It was my fiancĂ©, at home. He said, “You got an overnight letter from your company. Do you want me to open it and read it to you?” Expecting it to say the company was closing its doors, I said, “Yes, go ahead.”

So he read me a terse letter saying my position had been eliminated, the HR guy would help me collect my things, and thanking me for my years of service!

Needless to say I was majorly bummed out during my nephew’s wedding. My mother looked at me quizzically when I got my second gin & tonic at the reception (unusual for me). I didn’t want to spoil her beautiful day, so I kept the news to myself until later.

Just today I learned that the jerk won’t give me a letter of recommendation because it’s “against his policy.”

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