Comcast lay’s off 40k year worker only reports $903 million in profits.

When NBC and Comcast were merging we were told we had nothing to fear. As I write this I see the “you have nothing to worry about post” and nod in understanding.
The merger finally came and the day after the layoff’s happened. First it was the silent ones where all contractor’s were let go then it was the very public fel swoop mass layoff’s. That day they called us into a room and said “nothing to worry about” again while HR looked ominously on. “This was it”. Then the slow bleed began. One week it was someone in Marketing, the next in accounting and so on and so forth.

I went to speak with my HR person around this time and admitted I was worried this may happen to me. I’ve been trying to start my family with my new wife and we had just settled on a house losing my job was not something I took lightly. I also wanted to let them know I would do anything to stay as I loved it there. Every day I walked into work I was proud of the company i was helping grow. I (foolishly) saw myself continuing to work hard and stay for years. I also was not so unskilled that I couldn’t be moved around as my skills were of use across the company and within my dept. Sadly not soon after…my day came.

So here I am having to bear the guilt that my $40k salary was so demanding upon their bottom line for them to justify sending me into the worst job market since the depression. Poor Comcast can only just report a 5% increase in profit over last year (905 million dollars).

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Comcast lay's off 40k year worker only reports $903 million in profits., 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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